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Bergeson Teachers

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Ms. Te-I Julia Lee
Kindergarten Team  
Mrs. Tracy Nicks 
Ms.  Weiyu Ivy Cai 
Ms.  Tiffany Kung
Ms.  Lisa Tan
First Grade Team
Mrs. Karen Thompson 
Ms.  Annie Chang
Mrs.  Jie Gao
Second Grade Team 
Mrs.  Annie Chi
Ms.  Uma Mainprize
Mrs.  Josie Boys  
Third Grade Team
Ms.  Cynthia Chang
Ms.  Julie Fong
Miss Reya Jacobsen
Fourth Grade Team   
Mr.  Greg Suits
Mrs.  Melody Lu
Mrs. Samantha Bristow
Fifth Grade Team
Mrs.  Salina Christian
Ms.  Jennifer Lee
Ms.  Mackenzie Newbry
Pre-Kinder (PK)

Pre-Kinder (PK)

Ms. Martha Cervantes
The preschool program is coordinated in partnership with Early Childhood Education
Our "Mandarin Infused" Program has components of Mandrain instruction throughout the day. The lead teacher is English-speaking, and our two instructional assistants are fluent in Mandarin. Our students receive daily exposure to Mandarin throughout various components of the day, including circle time, singing, counting activities, and/or small group activities. The Mandarin Infused Program is a full-day program.
For information on our programs or availability, please contact the Early Childhood Programs at (949) 234-5341.